The Carr Family Foundation

2015 Winners

Education is one of the most important, and many believe the most important, cornerstones for the future of democracy and for interesting and productive lives. Whether an individual’s formal education ends at the high school level or beyond, the quality of that education is fundamental to the level of benefit that it delivers. For those who have the passion and potential for a college education, their opportunities should not be limited by economic and social factors beyond their control.

These are the premises that have guided the Carr Family Foundation as it has worked to make a constructive difference in educational opportunity for those young minds that will determine the future of the United States. The Foundation, although eight years old, is in an early, and relatively undeveloped phase. It has established its college scholarship program in Dickson and Hickman Counties, TN, both to encourage attendance at four year colleges and as a way of gaining insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the education that applicants have received as they compete for Foundation scholarships. The Foundation recognizes that there are many post secondary educational opportunities in addition to four year colleges and universities, including technical, certification, and apprentice programs. Those also often lead to interesting and productive lives, and are within the Foundation’s areas of future interest.

There are many opinions, much data, and formidable obstacles in improving the educational experience. The Foundation is in need of ideas, large and small, that can help it chart a future. Among those being considered are the creation of a private sector, independent education foundation in Dickson County, support for after school programs (perhaps operated by an educational foundation), and development of a scholarship program that would encourage participants in the Tennessee Promise program to transfer to a four college and receive a degree. Other ideas will be welcomed, as well as volunteer help from those who have time and interest.