Apply Today

You can apply for a Carr Family Foundation Scholarship by following these instructions:

  1. Review the complete list of questions below. You can download the PDF version of the application for reference. 
  2. On the form below, complete the entire application. You can do this in multiple sessions.
  3. Complete the Essay portion located at the end of the application.
  4. At the bottom of the form you will need to upload these documents: FAFSA (financial aid),  2 letters of recommendations, your ACT score/report, and your high school transcript.
  5. Completed applications must be submitted to the Carr Family Foundation by filling out the application online by Friday, March 8, 2024. You can also email a pdf of the application to Finalist interviews will take place in April (date TBD), with the announcement of awards on or before May 3, 2024.

  • Please provide us with letters of recommendation from two non-relatives. One must be from someone other than a teacher (for example, a supervisor at work or a coach). A letter of nomination for this scholarship from a teacher can serve as the other letter.
  • Please write an essay of about 500-1,000 words that cover the following topics, along with any others you would like the Selection Committee to consider:
    • Your educational objectives and your current goals for your life’s work and the basis for these
      objectives and goals.
    • The person(s) in your life who has/have done the most to shape your goals and interests. This could be a teacher, relative, or person you have never met. We are interested in learning about why you are motivated to achieve educational and professional success and how you define it.
    • What you consider to be the greatest achievement in your life thus far, particularly as it may have made a difference in the world around you.
    • How you plan to use your education and other resources following graduation from college to serve the community in which you live.

The Carr Family Foundation Application for Scholarship

The CFF recognizes that there are many students who manage to fund most or all of their college education through family help, institutional scholarships, and grants. We are interested in funding students who have the intellect and work ethic to succeed in college, but who will incur substantial debt to attend because they lack family and institutional support.

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